Back On The Meditation Train

Time: 30min.

Today I meditated to the mp3 episode 9. I maintained a steady posture and much relaxation. My body was tired and sleepy, and I bounced back into consciousness a few times during my meditation. However, this did not make for a bad or unfocused meditation. I felt very much in my awareness, and my body was so relaxed it felt very light, just as the mp3 was beginning to encourage. I really am glad as I did not know which mp3 I was selecting and it turned out to be very applicable to the session today for me.
I felt very light, like I was being described by space instead of substance.
My mind was still active, but with thoughts of gratitude, of Kuldeep, my meditation coach, and his encouragement for me to find an mp3 I like and push just a little harder to meditate again. For Venerable Somsak Piyaseelo, and his words. For my time to meditate today, and the ability for me to letttt go today, and to simply realize just as the monk advised, that my body has NO use right now. This had some symbolism to it, that my body was completely unused right now. I sat with that feeling of no direction, of no feeling, and naturally of “don’t know mind”. A seed has been watered more, and I am grateful.


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