Meditation Journal 3-22-12

I meditated again today with my mom, to the second episode of the mp3s. We had such a great session, both having good posture and feeling light and loving afterwards (see pictures :)
I felt much better this time around meditating today than in the morning—my posture was better, more solid, and I felt I could relax my entire body, especially my shoulders and chest, which are always a little stiff. So I felt immensely calm, and truly peaceful. I had random faces of people I know and that are close to me come into my mind again, and I spread lovingkindness to them—teachers, family, my mom, our monk guiding us, friends.
I also had a lovely feeling of freedom from my mind—I felt as though my mind was a loud baby as the speaker advised, but then imagined the mind was a little older of a child, and I decided that I simply needed to do what I do with the teens I work with at my job—just keep a composure, keep calm myself, and be an example.
Instead of trying to steady, to control, to clear, to calm my mind, I just sat there trying to be a good EXAMPLE for my mind :)
This automatically made me feel separate from my mind, and not so focused on the state of my mind. I therefore was able to relax confidently and successfully. I am very happy now and feel peace within. I felt lightness, spaciousness, and some glowing pulsation in my center. My mom also felt relaxed and happy. Very happy for today’s sessions!
The technique of making myself an example for my mind rather than trying to control it felt very right and worked well today.


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