Meditation Journal 3-23-12

I have had a long and busy week, and am proud of how well I am still able to relax the body and mind. I stretched my hips and knees before meditating, and used the centering technique mp3. I worked again with the approach of setting an example for my mind. I even used my posture, my breathing, the relaxation of different parts of my body, to act as an example for my mind. This again helped me detach from my thoughts, in the sense that I was not worried that there were thoughts. This is still a new feeling for me but I am glad to have had it again. It is a new feeling because I suppose I am not used to disidentifying from my thoughts so much. From accepting them to the degree that I don’t mind what they do, or what they are. Many times in the past when I have made such detachment the goal, there was still a very quiet desire for thoughts to go away. This was not so much the case today. I did not focus so much on the center as I did on relaxation, and though I was feeling a bit sleepy, I was very relaxed. I became grateful for the chance to practice this technique again, and feel like it may help me go deeper no matter what state of mind I am in when I begin meditating.
Before meditating: I felt calm and a desire for quiet, for space and slowing down of my mind.
After meditating: I feel much more calm, and I feel like I have space between “me” and the mind. Today I have learned a little about the me separate from my mind, which feels more truthful, and more able.


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