Meditation Tonight

The most wonderful meditation tonight with Donna. Thank you for coming :)

We enjoyed meditating with the Sabai feeling, and drank Ben Shan Oolong tea.

The insight I had while we were meditating was: of all the “good” meditation sessions I can remember, where there was good insight or experience—the common thread doesn’t seem to be the insight itself as much as the space in which it was able to appear in. Meaning, we need to allow ourselves time, freedom, space, detachment, and sabai feeling to experience anything real.

We need this time to meditate. And together, maybe we’ll be more encouraged to allow for that time in our day. Maybe it’s hard to set aside time for it alone, or it’s hard to “turn our mind off” when we are alone. But maybe it’s easier in the company of others; to put it all down and touch the bare experience.

It was agreed tonight—the intention to sit is all that can really be required. May this intention cultivated tonight bring peace and happiness to all beings, may it aid in the direction of removing all beings from discontent.

Peace In, Peace Out


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