Peace Is Always Beginning, In Each Of Us

Driving today, after the five minute well-being revival, it came over me, a sense of importance of Inner Peace. The Peace Revolution, we say “it starts with me.” I feel that often, I take this to imply that I will work to achieve inner peace, then “spread” that “peace vibe” externally to those around me. But now I see the mission of my work with Peace Revolution differently. After transforming myself in the meditation room and heading about my day, I see my own capability to create peace. And, as a member of Peace Revolution, I see my role is to encourage others to find their own peace, for themselves, because we all must be centers of peace. I am learning that a true “peace activist” does not walk around with a paint bucket of “peace” and smear it across the expanses of our world. A “peace spreader” instead is like a gardener, planting seeds in others, seeds of happiness, of peace. The seeds came from somewhere else, but their growth, their fruit, belong to nature. It is up to me not to craft peace inside and “install” it somewhere. Instead, I can encourage people to touch the ground of their own being. It is ground we perhaps all share, we come from the same soil. To connect within is to access the element of being that we all share.
You are the center of existence … you are the center of peace itself.

Peace is not a status that is painted on existence, applied to our world. Peace exists literally inside of you. It is not something outside that “depends on you.” It is a gift you already have, but need to give to yourself, so that others may benefit. Isn’t that inspiring?


One thought on “Peace Is Always Beginning, In Each Of Us

  1. Thank you for your wisdom, so elegantly placed into words that draw pictures in my mind and warm my heart. I will thinking of you until you safely return. Be well my friend!~Donna

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