Mindfulness is…

Something came to me while journaling after meditation today. I’d found myself getting over a subtle yet pervasive feeling that I have something to gain or fix while meditating.

“Without mindfulness, the tiny notion that something is wrong with me or someone else is never seen as a thought.
No sooner does it speed past my vision does it become my very lense that I look through. “

Tea outside todayAfter some time sipping tea outside, then later meditating outside, I pause to notice how I feel happier, less reactive, and more still. Before doing those things today, there were thoughts about how busy I was, or how I wanted to do other things that would be imposed upon. Something to remind ourselves when we’re resisting doing something that in previous times we’ve decided is important: Sometimes a degree of trust is needed (or openness… or patience with yourself, whatever you call it!) to ease into that place of stillness, and that the state we’re in doesn’t always seem to make way for what we need.

Bowing head to nature.


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